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All postcards are free of charge and easy to prepare and send.

Each is accompanied by music or sound effects specially chosen for enhancement of the theme and mood of the artwork and for high quality in sound production.

A sound control device on each postcard allows accompanying sound to be heard or silenced at will.

All postcards are programmed for secure sending and delivery.
A sender’s name becomes identified on the subject/reference line of an e-mail directly conveying the postcard to the recipient. Any postcard may be sent immediately or scheduled for automatic delivery at a later date up to four years in advance.

To prepare an Internet poetic postcard
for preview, sending, or scheduling, scroll downward and click on the picture of your choice,
but first prepare your volume control for sound.

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The Nature of Terrorism:
The Nature of Terror

Can Can
The Dance of Optimism

Pax Americana
The Stage Name

Pirates' Alley
Deep Treasure, 
High Seas

Don't You Recognize Me?

The Eagle Soars
Triumph in Trinity:
Civilian, Soldier, Divinity

Black Market
Spectrum of the Greenback

Battle Cry
The Heart Thus Speaks 
Its Peace

The Internet

Merciful Parting
Dawn's Early Light


The Double-edged Sword

Our Water

God At 
Ground Zero

Prometheus Reclaiming 

Weapons of Mass Destruction
Music Is Fission, 
Contagion Is Song

Petrol for Peanuts
The High Cost of Fuel

The Masque of Time
Every Moment Is 
New Year's

Blood Lets Blood

The Uncut Gem
Life's Many Facets

The Money Tree
Roots of Wealth

Friend or Lover?
Confucius say,
All's Well That Stays Well

The Taste of Mirth

The Birthday Giver

The Gold Standard
Frankincense and Myrrh

Spoils of Immigration

King Cobra

The Ushering of Twilight
Ocean Lawn at the 
Royal Hawai'ian

Seed of Opium
The Inner Perennial

The General Solitaire
Prophesy at Hand

Made in India
Sacred Cow, 
Not Sleeping Dragon

Toast of Nations
Served by Mourning

Set to Rise
The Blinding Sun

"El Toro"

Fear No Evil
Emblem of the Self

Catch of the Day
Fish of Many Names

Light Sweet Crude
We the Vampires
We the Victim

War Games
The Good Use of History

Pieces of the Heart

Black Garden
All the World's Ills


Spring from the Core
Rebirth of the 
Big Apple

The Burden of Light

Coalition Forces
Pumpkin Spring

Time's Waiver

The Philosophy of 
Living In-Between

Triumph of Beauty
Eternal Bloom

She Walks
in Beauty

The Constant Spring
Anytime, Anyplace

Ecce Signum
The Grip of Freedom

The Philosophy of
Living In-Between

Media Medea
The Fluent Fleece

Live to Burn
Burn to Live

Bondage or Eternity?

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